Swim Team Champs

Happy Champs Week! The JRAC website is updated with session timelines and important info to help you prepare for Champs. Also, we wanted to offer some clarification to help everyone prepare for a successful on-site experience. Please read on!

Each swimmer’s family will receive ONE pass for a car to park in the NOVA parking lot. Please pick your pass up in the SRA office before Thursday. Parking lot attendants will be checking for passes for each session (they are color coded). There is not likely to be any space for additional cars in the lot unless your family also purchased a front-row spot (then you can bring two cars). Pro tip: when parking, choose a perimeter spot along the grass in the lot, and bring your chairs and a pop-up tent (plus plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for your swimmer).
Volunteers and officials will not have separate parking passes. Most are volunteering during their swimmer’s session so the expectation is they will use the family pass to get into the lot. We will contact those who are all-day volunteers with other arrangements.

NOVA is requiring minimal spectators, but parents are still permitted to watch their swimmer(s) during their race(s). After the race, exit the building to make room for the parents of the next group of swimmers. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate extended family and friends into the building to watch races. NOVA understands that families may have small children with them during the meet. They are not expecting them to stay outside so they can come in to watch & go with their parents.
Want to get around this? Purchase a raffle ticket before Tuesday night for a chance to have up to FIVE wristbands and bleacher seating (and indoor restrooms!!) during your swimmer’s session. There will be 10 raffle winners per session, so your odds are good! Winners will be contacted via phone/text.
Streaming and Announcing:The entire Champs meet will be streaming on YouTube (the link will be posted on the NOVA website) and announcing can be heard on 91.7 fm. It will be imperative to pay attention to the announcers since swimmers will have limited time between events, especially if they’re swimming multiple events. If you are streaming the meet in the parking lot, we suggest not using the NOVA Wi-Fi but to instead use your cellular data. This slows down NOVA’s ability to push out the meet results!
Please note: We’ll be having a Watch Party for the end of Champs at SRA at 2:00pm on Friday. Come to the upper pool to watch and celebrate our awesome swimmers!
Team Tent:
Those who have attended previous Champs meets will recall our large team tent for gathering swimmers and parents during their sessions. This year, teams do not have large tents due to spacing. Instead, there is a 10×20’ space on the grass next to NOVA where we’ll have two popup tents for the swimmers to gather for stretches and meet with the coaches prior to going to the Clerk of Course for their race(s). There will not be room in these small tents for families or swimmers to set up chairs. Rather, plan to send your swimmers there for stretches and to meet before they race.Session Go-To Parent:  If you have a logistics question during your swimmer’s session, please contact:

  • 8 & Unders: Ashley Barrett
  • 9/10s: Al Krost
  • 11/12s: Cathy Durrette 
  • 13/14s: Jamie Maccaroni
  • 15-18s: Kristen Mullins

We know this is A LOT of information. Please email us if you have questions!