Swordfish Cafe

We are so excited to see you around the pool this summer! We have a great new crew of employees starting and many familiar faces from last year who are looking forward to happy days in the SB (as we call the Snack Bar). We will begin our service when swim team begins practice so don’t be shy and come on over and visit! We will have meals since we know how those May days can be busy with nothing in the fridge – we’ve got you covered!

New this year: We will have smoothies and paninis on the weekends as well as other specials. Come taste test them on the Spring work day, April 30, and weigh in on your favorites!

Family Accounts: This year we will have a slightly different policy for kids using family accounts:

We will require a parent to authorize if their child is going to pay for any of their friends on any day – this could be in the form of a wave to the Snack bar employees – we just need to know that you approve any expense other than for your family.

Please help us out by letting your kids know this policy so they know what to expect and thank you!

Summer Offerings: Once the pool is open, we will have lunch and dinner options and tasty snacks. We will offer 20+ different kinds of beverages, our ice cream selections from Hershey’s, Island Way Sorbet, chips and guacamole or salsa, apples and Nutella or peanut butter, candy and candy bars (try a frozen York Peppermint Patty on a hot day – for $0.25 it is very refreshing!). We will have some new soft pretzel varieties along with quesadillas, BLTs, grilled cheese, pasta, chicken strips, corn dogs, and

We will post our summer hours and specials at the Snack Bar windows and on the SRA Facebook page. Please note, we do close if there is inclement weather. If you haven’t tried a Superman Salad then 2022 is the year! They are very healthy and filling. They are custom with a selection of greens, veggies, cheeses, nuts, and salad dressings.

Friday Family Night Grill Night: We plan to return to our tradition of cookouts on many Friday nights, weather permitting. Stop by after swimming or one of the tennis clinics and have a delicious dinner while you relax to music or other planned activities. We will be featuring again our specialty burgers (including Impossible burger option) hot off the grill, which include: cheese (several varieties), lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions (grilled or raw) ketchup/mustard/BBQ/Mayo, jalapenos, pineapple (grilled or not), sautéed mushrooms. Depending on the week we may also have bratwurst or chicken sausage, grilled Chicken sandwiches or Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads.

Entertainment: We hope to return to our Snack Bar Story Time for our littlest Swordfish and other live music on the patio. Dates and times would be posted at the Snack Bar and on the SRA Facebook page.

Do you know any musical groups or musicians that would like to perform? Let us know! We love to hear music on the patio! We have a very modest entertainment budget but we can always promise food and a fun audience.

Deposits and Accounts: We again will have Snack Bar Accounts this year! If you were members last year, your accounts already will be populated with any residual balance you may have had at the end of last summer. Due to the change shortage, we will have very little change, so we ask you to pay with exact change or your account/credit card. When you add a deposit to your account, you will receive a receipt/copy from our new deposit book. Please help us remember if we are busy and it is overlooked. Each deposit should be recorded in our receipt book and signed by a snack bar employee and the customer before it is entered into the computer system. This helps us and you keep accurate records!
We do take checks (made out to SRA) to populate the accounts as well. You can also bring them to the office before the pool opens to stock up your account for Day 1.

Please, please please talk to the kiddos about using their OWN accounts only. We had a couple of generous friends last summer that inadvertently became “generous” on days they weren’t at the pool! Our kids at the window do get to know our customers but we do depend on the honesty and integrity of our clients to tell us their own name.

Please be prepared to spell it as well, and check your balance regularly. We do not allow negative balances.

Our employees greatly appreciate tips! Please consider tipping in the cash jar or when making a credit card payment. Our pay structure is planned in such a way, that your recognition of their service is a significant part of their incentive for providing excellent customer service.

Sustainability: We are trying to encourage sustainability throughout our complex. In the past the Snack Bar has had many requests for cups (sometimes multiple requests in a day) and in 2018 we went through 1000 Styrofoam cups (left from prior programs) before the end of July. To encourage cognizance and to defray costs, we will once again be charging $0.10 per cup. Please visit the bottle filler (new from last year) between the ladies and men’s bathrooms to fill up water bottles.