Pool Programs

Pool Classes & Activities

Morning Lap Swimming, June 14–September 3

The water’s pristine, the pools are quiet; morning lap swimming is a great way to start your day for novices or masters. $50 per person/$75 per family. Register through the SRA office.
Dates & Time: Monday–Friday, June 14–September 3, 6:30–8:30 a.m.

Deep Water Aerobics, June 15 – August 26

We are excited to welcome back our deep water aerobics teacher, Deborah Alsko. Deborah brings 20 years of experience teaching water aerobics as a certified instructor with the Aquatic Exercise Association. Join Deborah for this intermediate-level class which uses the water’s resistance to provide an excellent strength and cardiovascular workout. Students will need to provide their own flotation belt for this class*. (not included in the class fee). Limited to 15 participants.

Cost (make checks payable to SRA):

  • $50 for 10 classes
  • $60 for 12 classes
  • Drop in rate of $6/class.
  • Register in the SRA office; make checks payable to SRA.

Dates & Time:

  • Tuesday and Thursday , June 15 – August 26, 10–10:50am (Beginner/Intermediate level)
  • Tuesday and Thursday , June 15 – August 26, 11–11:50am (Intermediate/Advanced higher intensity)
  • Wednesday, June 16 – August 25, 10-10:50am (Shallow water workout suitable for all levels. Modification available if needed for participants).
    * For resources to order a flotation belt contact the instructor: Dalsko5719@gmail.com

Adult Swim Conditioning

For the 18th year, SRA offers evening adult swim clinics led by Collegiate Head Swim Coach Mike Stott. To register, or for answers to questions, please contact Mike at michaeljstott@comcast.net or (804) 288-8808; (cell: (804) 921-8808). Cost: $125 per eight class session; Drop-ins welcome at $20 per class.

If you have been thinking about joining either of the SRA Adult Swim Clinics stop thinking and JUST DO IT! The Stroke Clinic will focus on correct technique and how to swim the four basic strokes of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. If you are a confirmed lap swimmer or a lap swimmer hopeful this session will get you going. Two other reasons to get on board might be to better understand what your children do on the swim team. Or perhaps you have visions of entering a KILLER Family Relay on the 4th of July. For those of you who once learned to swim and want a refresher the first eight sessions of Clinic 1 (Stroke Clinic) are for you. What was taught years ago is not what is being taught now.

Session One: Stroke Clinic, June 20 —July 8
We’ll have excellent demonstration by some of the state’s best swimmers. No time trials unless requested. Among our many graduates are Dabney Carr, Elizabeth and Alex Bolin, Jane Nelson, Parker Hale, Johanna Minich, Wiley Hunnicutt and Caroline Kettlewell-Sites. Open to all levels of swimmers.
Dates & Time: 7–8:15 p.m., Sun. June 20, Tues. June 22, Thurs. June 24, Sun. June 27, Tues. June 29, Thurs. July 1, Tues. July 6, Thurs. July 8.
Meet at the Upper Pool rain or shine. Note that we may go as late as 8:30 on any of these classes.
If you have fins, bring them. If you do not, email me your shoe size and I will bring fins for you.

Session Two: Conditioning Clinic, July 11-27 (held if enough interest)
Focus is on conditioning and gaining speed. Last year’s attendees made considerable gains in their aerobic capacity and, aside from some snide remarks to the coach, appeared to be appreciative of the opportunity to stretch themselves in a supervised swimming setting.
Dates & Time: 7–8:15 p.m., Sun. July 11, Tues. July 13, Thurs. July 15, Sun. July 18, Tues. July 20, Thurs. July 22, Sun. July 25, Tues. July 27th.
Meet at the Upper Pool rain or shine. Note that we may go as late as 8:30 on any of these classes.
Again, if you have fins, bring them. If you do not, email me your shoe size and I will bring fins for you.

Adult Private Swim Lessons

In recent years, SRA adults have asked for private lessons (adult or summer league swimmers) when clinic times have not suited work and family schedules. Collegiate Head Swim Coach Mike Stott offers these at $30 per half hour. Please contact him at michaeljstott@comcast.net or 288-8808, (cell) 921-8808.

Beginner Swim Clinic (Ages 4-10)

Our Beginner Swim Clinic for ages 4-10 is set to begin soon. George Moore will be teaching this class and the clinic is designed to improve water safety and introduce and reinforce proper stroke technique. George will be assisted by a staff of senior SRA swim team members who will work with the children in the pool to make this a productive and fun experience. This clinic is intended for children who do not participate on the swim team. It is limited to 30 children, so make sure to sign up today to secure your spot. This is a six-session clinic.
  • Cost $75 (please make checks payable to George Moore)
  • Registration is through the office
  • Dates & Times: Mon.-Wed., June 28-30; Wed.-Fri., July 7-9; 2:15-3:15 pm