Entrance Gate

Starting this year, all members and guests will check in electronically at the pool entrance gate.  When you arrive at the front gate, you will see a new white picket fence which directs you to the left-hand side of the entrance.  At the end of this fencing, you will see a new pool desk and where a Douglas Aquatics employee will ask for your last name and search for it in the system.  Each member of the family will then be checked into system by Douglas Aquatics, no additional cards or information will be required.

If you would like to leave the pool area, there are 2 options for reentering the pool.  One is to receive a hand stamp when you exit and then just show the hand stamp to the gate guard when you return.  If you prefer not to get your hand stamped, you may also just re-check in with the gate guard as you did when you first entered the pool.

Electronic check in will ensure a higher level of safety for our membership as well help us know how to best serve the people who use our facilities.