Weekend Lessons

Sign your annual waivers here and register for skating and hockey lessons here.

ICE Figure Skating

Please note: 

  • There is a minimum and maximum enrollment for each class. 
  • Please sign up early to secure your skater a spot and to ensure that the class you are interested in is not cancelled. 
  • Lesson time may be adjusted; any changes will be communicated clearly to members before ice season begins. 
  • Skaters are invited to take advantage of free skate time before/after their lessons
  • Private lessons are offered at a rate of $30 per half hour. Times are available as discussed with the teacher. To register for private figure skating lessons, contact Allison Ezzi directly at (480)319-3232 or sra.allisone@gmail.com
  • For discounted private lessons with one of our advanced student skaters ($15 for 30 minutes), contact Dylan Greenbaum.

Saturday Classes

  • November 12, 19
  • December 3, 10, 17
  • January 7, 14, 21, 28
  • February 4  make up date (if classes cancelled due to weather/instructor illness)

Tots: Saturdays 9:00-9:25am, $80 This class is perfect for preschoolers (age 3-5). Students are strongly encouraged to wear gloves, bike helmets and snow pants. Skills – sit, stand-up, march in place, march forward, march and glide on two feet.

Pre-Alpha: 9:30-10am, $80 This class is for skaters 5+ who are new to skating. The class will cover basic skating skill; students may wear helmets and ski pants for comfort and protection. Skills: one and two-foot glides, backwards wiggles, forward and backward swizzles, forward stroking, forward crossovers, bunny hop, snowplow stop 

Alpha: Saturdays, 10:15-10:45am, $80 This class is designed for skaters with some experience who need to review and solidify their beginner skills before moving on to the next level. Students may wear helmets or ski pants for comfort and protection. Skills: one and two-foot glides, backward wiggles, forward stroking and crossovers, bunny hop, snow plow and T-stops, letter D’s and pump stroking. 

Beta: Saturdays, 11-11:30am, $80 This class builds on solid beginner skating skills. These skaters will be introduced to more advanced and challenging moves. Skills: forward and backward stroking, crossovers and swizzle pumps on a circle, forward edges, open Mohawk, T-stops, moving 2-foot turns on a curve 

Gamma/Delta: Saturdays, 11:45am-12:30pm, $90 This class builds upon solid intermediate skating skills. This class will challenge experienced skaters to higher levels of skill and form in their skating. Skills: forward 3-turn inside, forward and backward inside and outside edges, shoot the duck, forward inside pivot, one and two-foot spins, spiral, waltz jump, ballet jump, lunge, forward spiral 

Freestyle: Saturdays, 12:45-1:45pm, $100

Skills – 1-foot spin, forward and backward spirals, lunges, forward and backward crossovers, forward and backward edges, 3-turns, waltz jumps, ½ jumps, dance sequences and combination moves.

Beginner Teen and Adult: 6-7pm, $100 

Been on swim team all these years and never tried the rink – and now you’re too old to join the tots for beginner lessons? Or maybe you’re a parent who’s tired of standing on the sidelines and wants in on the action? This class is for you. This “grown-up” class will teach you the basic skating skills that will allow you to comfortably and confidently participate with your children on the ice. Take on a new challenge this winter, get some exercise and have fun doing it in this adult only learning opportunity. (Bike helmets and kneepads are encouraged until you are comfortable and secure with your balance and skill on the ice.)

Private lessons 

Private lessons are offered through our instructors, based on availability. To register for private figure  skating lessons, contact Allison Ezzi at (480)319-3232 or sra.allisone@gmail.com.

For private hockey lessons, contact John Horton directly at (804) 426-5986 or John Chukayne at (804) 998-3848.

Hockey Clinic Sundays, Cost $100

  • Level 1: 2-3pm
  • Level 2: 2:30-3:30pm

This is a Foundations of Hockey program for boys and girls of all ages that want to learn to skate, stick handle, and learn the rules of hockey. We plan to separate into groups based upon skill level with some
overlap to allow opportunities for scrimmaging. As we progress through the season we hope to introduce more competition this year and will meet with interested parents to discuss ideas. We strive to keep our clinic costs low each year because we recognize that there are additional equipment purchases necessary to participate (i.e. helmet, pads, stick, tape, etc.). Be sure to come to the Skate Swap first for equipment and drop off your outgrown equipment for other members!!

Sunday Lesson Dates: 

  • November:  14, 21
  • December: 5, 12, 19
  • January: 9, 16, 23, 30
  • February: 6th will be held as a placeholder for a make-up class if necessitated by any cancellation