Southampton Recreation Association History

There are a lot of “firsts” in the Southampton Recreation Association History.  When the main pool was completed, it was the first community pool in Chesterfield County.  In the 1960s, we boasted of our open-air (now enclosed) ice rink.  Through the years as our club has grown, we’ve continued to celebrate “firsts”.  The really memorable ones like a child’s first leap off the diving board.  The first time the ball sails over the tennis net and lands on the same court it started out from.  The first wobbly Figure Eight cut into the perfect ice of the rink.  There’s no better sight than a grandfather or grandmother who swam for the SRA swim team watching their grand child win their first heat ribbon.

Southampton Recreation Association has seen the dream of a handful of civic-minded citizens in 1950 grow into an organization that has brought excellent programs to its members, taught thousands of children to swim, skate, play tennis and learn cooperation and sportsmanship. The adults  have benefited not only through their children but in working and playing together. Let us hope that in years to come we will see a continuation of the past excellence and the spirit of cooperation and good fellowship will endure.

Katherine D. Harahan

With that spirit, let us tell you what we offer.


  • 4 pools – 1 full-size rec pool, 1 25m lap pool and 2 baby pools
  • 70-foot Double Loop Water Slide
  • Championship Swim Team, for ages 5-18
  • Swim Clinics – youth and adult
  • Water aerobics
  • 9 Tennis courts with 3 lighted for evening play
  • Tennis Pro
  • Tennis lessons, league play and socials
  • Ice rink
  • Ice skating lessons
  • Ice Hockey lessons/clinics
  • Ice Revue
  • Basketball court
  • Volley Ball pit
  • Enclosed playground
  • Summer classes & camps
  • Year round social events