Swim lessons through SCMG

How to schedule a lesson with SCMG: When you enter the pool and sign in, let the gate guard know that you want to schedule a lesson. They will have a swim instructor contact you to schedule a convenient time for your lesson.

SCMG Mission: SCMG believes in providing children with a positive environment in which they can feel comfortable and learn basic water safety.  We feel that through patience, encouragement, and frequent repetition of skills, your child will have a fun, safe and rewarding swimming experience.

Classes are held Monday – Thursday for 30 minutes for the four day session.  Semi-Private(2 students) $60 per session(per student); Private:  $100 per session.  Payment is required at the time of registration and 72 hour notice required for refund.

SCMG Class Descriptions:                                                               *Classes may be combined.

Tadpole I and II (Ages 3-6)*:

Tadpole I class is for a child who may be apprehensive in the water or who has never had swim lessons. Participants may not be comfortable with their face getting wet. This class introduces new little swimmers to the pool and helps them become acquainted with the pool and the use of flotation devices. Little swimmers will develop safe water habits in a fun and encouraging environment.

Tadpole II class is for the beginner swimmer who is comfortable in the water but has not yet mastered certain skills. Participants should be comfortable well adjusted to the water (don’t mind getting their face wet) and eager to learn kicking and progressive paddle-stroke. Additionally they learn more about pool safety and developing independent floating skills.


Minnows I and II (Ages 6-9)*:

Minnow I swimmers learn front and back floating skills, the paddle-stroke, flutter kick, elementary backstroke, personal safety and the use of flotation devices. This class is for the school-age swimmer who has never had swim lessons.

Minnows II swimmers continue to build confidence in their abilities by practicing paddle-stroke skills, floating, and rotary breathing without the aid of flotation devices. Children learn new skills such as treading water and survival floating. Lead-up strokes to the front crawl, back-stroke, sidestroke, breaststroke and elementary backstroke are also introduced at this level. Students must be comfortable in the deep end and be able to swim 25 yards without a flotation device.


Dolphin (Ages 7 and up)*: In the Dolphin level, children refine the front crawl, backstroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke and breaststroke. The butterfly is also introduced at this level. Dolphin swimmers continue to build endurance by swimming up to 200 yards. Stroke technique and endurance are emphasized.


Stroke Clinic (Ages 8 and up): is an advanced level where students focus on stoke enhancements and more endurance. Open turns and treading water with rotary kick are introduced to students at this level. Students are also introduced to three new strokes: the inverted breaststroke, the trudgen crawl and the over arm sidestroke.