Weekday Classes

Prices and class days and times may vary in next season.

 Sunday Class

Beginner Adults – Mon. 6-7 pm, Cost $85

Do you find yourself bringing the kids to the rink wishing you could join in on the fun instead of standing around in the cold? This adult class will teach you the basic skating skills that will allow you to comfortably and confidently participate with your children on the ice. Take on a new challenge this winter and have fun doing it in this adult only learning opportunity. *Feel free to wear bike helmets and water resistant pants until you are comfortable and secure with your balance and skill on the ice.   Adult class taught by Kelly Gregory.

Instructor: Kelly Gregory – Kelly relocated back to her childhood neighborhood of Stratford Hills and SRA last year and will again be teaching our Adult Class! Kelly pursued skating as an adult while homeschooling her boys. She also teaches classes at Ice Zone. Kelly has a primary education background and a love for teaching beginning skaters of all ages (young and young at heart!). We’re glad to have Kelly back to work with our adult skaters again this season!


Wednesday Classes 

Pre Alpha: 4:30 to 5pm    $75

Skills – one and two foot glides, backwards wiggles, forward and backward swizzles, forward stroking, forward crossovers, bunny hop, snowplow stop.

This class is for skaters age 5+ who are new to skating. Class will cover basic skating skills with 30 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes free skate following class. . Students may wear helmets and ski pants for comfort and protection.

Alpha/Beta: 5 to 5:30pm     $75

Skills – A combination of alpha and beta level skills (see weekend classes)

Designed for skaters with some experience who need to review and solidify their beginner skills before moving on to the next level. Skaters will receive 30 minutes of instruction with 10 minutes of free skate following class. Students may wear helmets and ski pants for comfort and protection.


Thursday Classes

Beginner 10yrs +: 6:30 – 7pm      $75

Skills – sit, stand-up, march in place, march forward, march and glide on two feet. Additional skills as applicable.

Designed for students who are new to skating or have limited experience and are 10 years or older. The emphasis will be to introduce and solidify basic skating skills and help students gain confidence on the ice.

Beta 10yrs +: 7 to 7:45pm      $80

Skills – forward and backward stroking, crossovers, and swizzle pumps on a circle; forward edges,  open Mohawk, T-stop,  moving 2 foot turns on a curve. backward stroking

Building on solid beginner skills, these skaters will be introduced to more advanced and challenging moves.  Skaters will receive 45 minutes of instruction followed by 15 minutes of free skate.



Friday private lessons are offered at a rate of $30 per half hour. Times are available on Fridays or as discussed with the teacher.  To register for private lessons contact Allison Ezzi directly 480-319-3232 or email SRA.AllisonE@gmail.com