Season Reminders


Rink Preparations:  We need to clean and prep the rink for the season.  This involves a variety of tasks including cleaning the spectator area, organizing the wizard shed, cleaning gutters, vacuuming, touch-up painting and minor repairs.  The more hands on deck the quicker the work gets done.  And the rink will look great!  Please mark your calendar for Sunday, October 16, 2016 from 2 to 4, following the skate swap.  Community service hours can be documented for students who wish to help, but we ask that an adult accompany them unless otherwise discussed and arranged.

Please Look Before You Skate:  You must check the thermometer beside the rink entry gate before skating.  The ice temperature should read below 25 degrees for safe skating.  If you arrive and find the ice temperature higher or detect that anything else is problematic at the rink, please call the emergency numbers posted in the rink.

Ice Maintenance:  We have a team of wonderful volunteers who maintain the ice daily using the ice wizard.  You may not use the ice wizard unless you have been properly trained by one of our maintenance crew members.

Ice Schedule:  Please consult the ice calendar linked to our website before heading out to skate.  Email Andrea Bleck-Smith if you have any suggestions or special requests regarding the ice schedule.  We do our best to present a balanced ice program and schedule that allows everyone an opportunity to enjoy the rink.