Forms & Tips

SRA Rink will close for the season Sunday, March 12th, 2017.  See you in November!


Access waiver and pass code agreement – Members must sign to use the rink

To participate in the ice rink programs, please complete the attached waiver and deliver to the clubhouse or to Andrea Bleck-Smith.  Ice Rink users can enjoy the rink outside of scheduled class times and activities.  Complete and hand in the rink access waiver and pass code agreement below and you’ll be contacted with the pass code.

New Forms will be posted in October.

Ice Rink Guest Policy effective 1/2017

guestpolicy click to download Guest policy and waiver.

The SRA Ice rink will allow guests to use the rink under the following conditions:

  •  A member is present and takes responsibility for their guest(s). Any guest(s) using the rink without the accompanying member and a signed Guest Waiver is considered trespassing.
  •  All guests must be accompanied by an adult member (18 years or older).
  •  Guests skate at their own risk. Ice skating is an inherently dangerous activity, by entering, individuals understand and assume this risk.
  •  Ice conditions are not warranted. Check ice temperature and conditions before skating.
  •  All guests and accompanying members must complete and sign the Guest Waiver each time the guest visits the rink. Forms are available on rink counter.
  •  A five dollar fee is paid for each guest using the rink. Checks are to be made out to SRA. Checks and cash are to be placed in the fee lock box located in the rink.
  •  The member signs in on the rink log and includes guest(s) in number of family using rink.
  •  No shoes or socks on the ice – users must wear skates.
  •  Guests may not participate in skate lessons, hockey clinics, or Richmond General Mite practices. These are member only events. Guest may be invited to Ice Socials.
  •  If there are any accidents or injuries the member will fill out an incident report and contact management to let her know the report has been made. The completed report will be place in the First Aid box on the counter in the rink.
  •  There will be no more than 8 guests per member.
  •  Members having a group of guests, must have at last one adult member per eight children. Child here is defined as under 18-years old. All groups must contact the ice director before using the ice.

Wreath Fundraiser and Ice Spirit Wear will be back next season

Tips For Young Skaters

  • If you need to purchase skates, please get some advice from our instructors.  Buying them “big” with room to grow is not the right idea.  Skates that have a snug fit will give your child more confidence and control on the ice.
  •  To break in skates, let your child walk around in them at home using blade guards to protect the blades and your floors.
  • Come to class dressed and ready to skate.  Put on skates with blade guards at home.  The air inside the rink is very cold.  Your child MUST have gloves, and we recommend water proof pants and a bike helmet for class.  Blue jeans can be miserable when wet and very inflexible.  Don’t forget a trip to the bathroom before you make a trip to the rink!
  • Your child WILL get wet and cold!  Bringing a spare pair of gloves is a good plan for the ones that got soggy after a few spills on the ice.
  • Please write your child’s name on EVERYTHING he/she wears or brings to the rink, including blade guards.