SRA is VERY excited to announce that starting Tuesday, July 14th, SRA is expanding the family pool and deck! The Board has worked carefully with our guards to design a plan that balances use and accessibility with the safety and health of our members. We have now created:

Your SRA Board is excited to announce the following changes that go into effect on TUESDAY, JULY 14:

  • The baby pools are OPEN!
  • To maintain safety, we are limiting baby pool usage to ONE FAMILY PER POOL, so 2 families total during each reservation period.
  • ONE of the pools will be open for advanced reservation (available now on Omnify); the other is first-come, first-served.
  • The diving well and board is now open for use to EVERYONE in the pool, except during aerobics classes.
  • We ask that diving board users maintain appropriate social distancing while waiting to use the board.
  • Please understand that the board is not sanitized between uses, so use at your own risk.
  • Anyone with existing diving well reservations will keep their reservation for a Deck Zone, but no longer have exclusive use of the diving well.
  • The Senior Zone will move out of the baby pool back to its “traditional” location in the upper corner of the lap pool.
  • Seniors may use open lap lanes at their own risk.
  • Sorry, but the Senior Zone will NOT be open during swim team practices or Monday swim meet nights.
  • We are REDUCING the number of lap swim reservations to make it easier for walk-up and flexible lap swimming.
  • Early morning lap swim (6:30 and 7:30 times) remain RESERVATION only.
  • Three lap lanes will be available by reservation at other times; otherwise, first come first served.
  • Reminder: lap swimming/upper pool is not available during swim practice times (8:30am-12 noon; 4-7:15pm) and Monday nights due to swim meets.
  • Another reminder: the family pool lap swimming lane has been converted to a pool zone, open for general use without reservation.

See email for schedules for pool hours, reservation periods, and cleaning times. Reservations can still be made on Omnify (see email for instructions) .

Please note that these changes are the result of careful observation by the Board of what other pools are doing; consultation with our pool management company; and listening to feedback from our members. We are doing our best to balance state guidelines with the varied desires and comfort levels of our members. We appreciate your patience!


  1. I just want to come down to the pool, but don’t have a reservation. Can I just show up?

You can! We have a number of walk-up spots for both deck zones and lap swimming. You may have to wait during a hot weekend afternoon — or during swim team practices, when the upper pool deck is not open for deck zone use. But so far, the pool is not operating at capacity for much of the day.

2. What if I come down to use the baby pool and it’s already taken?

We’re sorry about that, but you can still grab a deck zone or lap lane during most hours.

3. What if I want to stay longer than one reservation period?

You probably can do that on most days! Everyone has to clear the pool deck during cleaning times, so you can’t just camp out for 4 hours. But you can come for a reservation at, say, 1pm, duck out (and grab a snack bar treat!) while the guards clean and sanitize, and then check back in for a walk-up zone or lap swim at 3pm.

4. Do I have to stay socially distanced in the pool?

Yes! State guidelines recommend that non-family members stay socially distanced from each other while in the pool. We have reduced the number of roped areas in the pool, but still ask members to be cognizant of where they are in the water in relation to others. We will continue to maintain a few roped-off areas for members who have a higher level of concern and would like to maintain visible boundaries from others while using the pool.

5. Should I wear a mask?

Not while swimming! But yes, we ask members to wear masks while moving to and from their deck zones, waiting in line at the snack bar, and in general when maintaining social distance out of the water might be difficult.

6. What if I’m concerned about safety?

We get it. Every trip outside the home involves risk these days, and we cannot guarantee everyone’s health 100%. But we couldn’t do that BEFORE the quarantine either! We have taken our time to design guidelines that meet recommended state standards – AND accommodate members with different levels of concern about health risk. If you are unsure or unhappy about the way the pool is operating, please let a Board member know. The Board will be issuing some further safety guidelines and protocols in the next few days.

7. What if I have an existing reservation that’s affected by these changes?

If you have a diving well reservation, you still have a pool deck reservation! You just do not have exclusive use of the well/board. Unfortunately, some Senior Zone reservations may have to be cancelled, although those members are still welcome to come to the pool for a deck zone or lap swim. Every effort will be made to e-mail members with current reservations about changes. We apologize for any inconvenience – again, we’re just trying to balance the needs of all of our members.

8. What if I have a problem with the Omnify reservation system?

You can call the office during most days for help with Omnify. Please note that the reservation system still limits the number of reservations a single family member can make; so if you’re having trouble, it might be because you already have a reservation for that day (a swim practice, a lap lane, or another deck zone).

 9. What if I want to bring guests?

So far SRA is only open to members. But the Board is working on a Phase 3 guest policy, and will communicate that to the members in the next few days or so.


Please refer to the SRA email for the link and details for accessing Omnify.

  • Please limit yourselves to NO MORE THAN TWO deck reservations per family per week, at least until we can judge capacity.
  • Omnify limits reservations to ONE per day – of ANY kind. So if you have a lap swim reserved in the morning, you will NOT be able to reserve the pool deck in the afternoon for that day. (If you have multiple family members, you can have one reserve the lap lane and the other reserve the pool deck.)


  • Each Deck Zone comes with a table and umbrella; please bring your own chairs. If that is not feasible, a limited number of pool chairs will be available on loan.
  • Virginia’s Phase 2 Guidelines state that pools can be open for “lap swimming, diving, exercise, and instruction only.” This means no horseplay, deliberate splashing, etc. No floats, noodles, balls, or other pool toys are allowed at this time. Please make sure your children understand all these rules before your visit.
  • Restrooms are open for emergency use only. Each restroom will have one stall open, allowing one individual at a time to enter. However, the restrooms are being cleaned between sessions, not uses. Changing rooms and showers are not open at this time.
  • Please wear a mask moving to and from your Zone, and maintain social distancing at all times. Use the front gate (now open) for entry, and exit through the gate adjacent to the men’s restroom.

The hours of operation from July 28th on will be:

WEEKDAYS (11am-8:30pm)

  • Early Morning Lap Swim (Reservation ONLY): 6:30am, 7:30am
  • Senior Zone, Baby Pool, Family Pool Deck Zones: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm*, 6:30pm
  • Lap swim: Every hour on the hour 11am-4pm; 5pm*; 6:30pm, 7:30pm

*5pm special 75-minute session for all pools/sessions

WEEKENDS (11am-8:30pm)

  • Senior Zone, Baby Pool, Family Pool Deck Zones: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
  • Lap swim: Every hour on the hour 10am – 7pm

Indoor facilities will remain closed.

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